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Kevin Murphy gift sets are here!

Kevin Murphy gift sets buy online

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with the help of Kevin Murphy we've got just the thing for you to gift yourself or the ones you love. These top-selling trios are bundled up to offer you maximum results and maximum savings!

Read on to learn more about Kevin Murphy's 2022 holiday collection.

Kevin Murphy gift set sale and discounts

Sale $124 / Value $134

Fall in love with your hair the way it is meant to be, ultra-hydrated, moisturized and shiny. No need to imagine because this trio will provide a potent dose of hydration, turning your dreams into reality.

This set includes:

Hydrate Me Wash 250mL

Thirst quenching shampoo infused with kakadu plum, vitamin c and shea butter.

Hydrate Me Rinse 250mL

Nourishing and hydrating conditioner that locks in essential moisture to repair and protect.

Young Again 100mL

Weightless leave-in treatment that delivers deep conditioning and boosts shine.

Kevin Murphy gift sets sale buy online

Sale $131 / Value $141

Hair not as plump and lush as you'd like? Get lifted and get gifted with this restorative wash and rinse duo while enhancing overall hair performance with the heat-activated style extender, ensuring styles stay higher, longer.

This set includes:

Plumping Wash 250mL

Densifying shampoo that thickens from root to tip using ginger root and nettle extract.

Plumping Rinse 250mL

Strengthen and thicken strands with this conditioner using shea butter and rice amino acids.

Ever Lift 150mL

Volumizing, heat-activated style extender that creates smooth volume and lift for a blowout that is soft to the touch.

Kevin Murphy gift set discounts buy online

Sale $124 / Value $134

Use this wash and rinse duo for a feeling of renewed, youthful hair. Combine with this luxurious dry conditioner to fix frizz and add shine while repairing and nourishing your mane.

This set includes:

Repair Me Wash 250mL

Reconstructing treatment shampoo enriched with green pea proteins and amino acids that help repair damage.

Repair Me Rinse 250mL

Strengthening conditioner that provides targeted repair and nutrition where it's needed most.

Young Again Dry Conditioner 250mL

Rejuvenating and conditioning dry powder spray adds weightless moisture between your washes.

Kevin Murphy gift set sale and discounts shop online

Sale $98 / Value $120

This is your saving grace for fine, fragile hair that has been over-stressed, colour-treated or damaged. The wash and rinse pairing will be sure to add nourishment, strength and shine. Complete the look with the delightfully scented dry shampoo for fresh and bouncy locks.

This set includes:

Angel Wash 250mL

Delicate, volumizing shampoo that gently cleanses fragile hair, strengthening and protecting whilst restoring volume.

Angel Rinse 250mL

Weightless conditioner that treats colour-treated or damaged hair with nutrient rich goodness. Hair is left feeling angel soft and volume is restored.

Fresh Hair 250mL

Refreshing dry shampoo spray soaks up excess dirt, oil and product from the hair. Citrus oil instantly freshens and deodorizes with it's delightful scent while delivering antioxidant benefits and shine.

Kevin Murphy gift set sale shop online

Sale $120 / Value $130

This wash and treatment duo restore tresses to optimum condition and lustre, so you don't have to bend over backwards trying to save your blonde from brassiness. Add lightweight hold for workable styles with the flexible hairspray.

This set includes:

Blonde Angel Wash 250mL

Lavender infused, colour-enhancing shampoo banishes brassiness and restores shine.

Blonde Angel Treatment 250mL

Deeply moisturizing conditioning treatment infused with lavender, sunflower seed and jojoba seed oil protects and maintains colour-treated hair.

Session Spray Flex 337mL

Lightweight, fast-drying spray with flexible molding resins give your style a workable, lived-in hold with humidity resistance.

Kevin Murphy gift set discounts shop online

Sale $123 / Value $133

A trio from the new line of colour-locking, weigthless formulas that strengthen, nourish and add shine to hair while protecting against colour fade.

This set includes:

Everlasting Colour Wash 250mL

This shampoo gently cleanses hair strands and with an acid PH system technology that closes the cuticle after hair colour and protects against mineral accumulation, resulting in protecting your colour and shine for longer lasting results.

Everlasting Colour Rinse 250mL

Featuring a super food blend of ingredients, this conditioner helps to restore the hair cuticle in order to maintain strength from root to tip.

Everlasting Colour Leave-In 150mL

With bond-building technology this leave-in treatment helps to build strength from within to increase hair resistance for improved, stronger, and healthier hair.

In The Thick Of It by Kevin Murphy

Sale $125 / Value $135

Revitalize flat hair and scalp with this refreshing combination set meant to stimulate your senses and take your hair to new levels of volume and thickness.

This set includes:

Stimulate Me Wash 250mL

Revitalizing shampoo that awakens and clarifies the hair and scalp while also boosting strength.

Stimulate Me Rinse 250mL

Bursting with a revitalizing blend of camphor, bergamot and black pepper, this conditioner helps soothe and cool the hair and scalp.

Thick Again 100mL

Leave-In thickening treatment harnessed with breakthrough eyelash thickening technology leaves hair looking fuller over time.

Body Body Body by Kevin Murphy

Sale $75

Go on holiday and regain youthful softness with this nourishing, weightless and fast-absorbing trio of rich Kevin Murphy body products.

This set includes:

Body Polish 100mL

A gentle exfoliating body scrub that polishes away impurities to reveal beautifully hydrated skin.

Body Wash 100mL

Hydrating and calming body wash.

Body Lotion 100mL

Replenish hydration with the hyaluronic acid enriched smoothing body lotion.


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