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Behind the Chair: An exclusive interview with hairstylist, Alyssia

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the chair of a top hair stylist? The glamour, creativity, and expertise that goes into creating stunning hairdos is truly remarkable. We were fortunate enough to sit down with Alyssia Berger, one of the most sought-after hair stylists in Winnipeg and get a glimpse into her world. In this exclusive interview, we explore the journey of her career, her inspiration, and some of her tips for hair care.

We asked Alyssia

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in the hair industry?

I have always been more of a creative person. I wanted a job where I could be more hands-on. I have always loved hair and everything beauty but never thought of it as a career choice. After years of university and working several different jobs I decided to give hair a shot. I instantly fell in love with it and can’t imagine doing anything else.

What do you think sets your hair styling approach apart from other stylists?

We have so many talented stylists in Winnipeg. It’s hard to say what sets me apart since I don’t know a lot of their methods. I would say what I think makes me stand out is that I will never skip out on a scalp massage.

Can you describe a particularly challenging hair styling situation you’ve faced and how you overcame it?

Even though I’m five years into the industry I experienced this a couple of months ago. This particular client has been a client of mine for years. She had long dark hair and wanted to be Kendall Jenner red like we all do. I had over a month of preparation so I did my research and came up with a method that I thought would be the best for this particular client. I feel like I overcame it by trusting my instinct and not being afraid to ask for a second opinion from my prep gals.

How do you prioritize maintaining the health and integrity of your clients hair while still achieving their desired look?

I feel like I am quite honest with all of my clients when it comes to the health of their hair. This means I will never push their hair past it’s boundaries just to achieve a certain look. I will come up with an alternative solution to maintain the health of their hair.

How do you approach colour consultations with clients to ensure they get the result they want?

I would say my consultations average anywhere from 10-15 minutes, which includes new and existing clients. First thing I ask is if they want to be high maintenance or low maintenance. Which determines how often they want to come back to keep up with their colour. Budget, in my opinion, is the most important part of any colour consult. How much room do we have to achieve a certain look; are there other options that are more fitting for my client's price range?

What are some common mistakes clients make when it comes to haircare, and how can they avoid them?

Not using a heat protectant is a common mistake. I often find clients forget to reapply heat protectant when doing touch-ups. My favorite heat protectants are Heated Defense by Kevin Murphy - it’s super light weight and great for all hair types. As well as The Shield by Amika which you can apply to dry hair when you are touching up your hair a few days after you wash it.

alyssia hairstylist in Winnipeg

We hope this interview with one of Prep's stylists has given you an insight into the world of hair styling. Her passion, dedication, and creativity are truly inspiring and her journey to success is a testament to the hard work of becoming a top stylist. As hair trends continue to evolve, we can expect more innovation, experimentation, and breathtaking styles from the experts behind the chair.

Whether you're looking for a classic cut, a bold new color, extensions or simply some expert advice on how to care for your hair, a professional stylist can be an invaluable resource in helping you achieve your hair goals.

If you're in Winnipeg, we highly recommend booking with Alyssia here!

She specializes in:

- blonding

- balayage

Instagram: @like_alyssia

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