Earth Day Refresh ANGEL
  • Earth Day Refresh ANGEL

    Over-stressed hair looking for a little salvation? Earth Day Refresh delivers volume, fullness and body to fine, fragile hair taking you from lifeless to just out of the salon fullness. Keep your style looking fresh with our travel size Fresh Hair to use between washes. 

    • ANGEL WASH 250 mL

      A volumising shampoo infused with soothing essential oils, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants that will transform damaged hair while maximising longevity.

      ANGEL RINSE 250 mL

      Weightless, volumising rinse perfect to treat fine, fragile and broken hair. Delicately scented and deeply conditioning. Mango and Cocoa Butter help nourish and moisturise the hairwithout weighing it down.

      FRESH HAIR 100 mL

      This hardworking dry shampoo instantly freshens and deoderises to transform your mane back to fresh and bouncy - it's the ideal way to boost hair having a mid-day meltdown.


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