Silk Wave Ribbon Set PRE-ORDER

Silk Wave Ribbon Set PRE-ORDER

This is a pre-order, we will contact you when the product is ready for pickup or delivery. Estimated arrival is mid-April.


This 100% pure silk ribbon, flawlessly wraps around your hair. Easy to use, it will also assist with keeping your hair products infused for the perfect reveal. Achieve overnight curls without the use of heat. This will be a game-changer for your hair routine. Wake up with perfect curls, effortlessly. 


Unlike other brands, polyester, cotton, or satin may break your hair, cause frizz, and can cause breakouts and product bacteria quickly to the skin and scalp. 


The Silk Wave Method products are designed in the best interest of the overall health of your hair and skin. Your skincare or hair care products will not leave residue on your Ribbon or Pillowcase and if by chance it does, it's 100% machine washable. 

    • 100% Pure Silk Wave Design Ribbon
    • 100% Silk Scrunchie set to keep your hair secure overnight
    • Acrylic Clip designed to keep your Silk Wave Design Ribbon in place without causing hair indentations
    • Travel Bag 
  • During your morning routine, you can achieve beautiful waves in less than an hour.

    On dry hair, part your hair in half down the middle with 2 equal parts of your hair on either side of your head.

    Apply the silk rod on top of your head, secure the top of the rod to the top of your head using the large hair clip in your kit.

    Starting on one side, either wrap your hair around the hair rod or braid your hair into the silk rod. Spray with hair spray and leave in hair for 1 hour or more.

    Then remove your hair from the Silk Wave Ribbon. 
    Perfect for your morning routine.


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