Stonehouse Weddings



Lauren Wiebe - Owner and Designer

Stone House Creative is a unique, boutique style wedding design studio specializing in both floral design and full event design. I’m known for designing weddings with a garden-inspired, organic style and love to use big blooms and sweet scents. I’m lucky to work with excited, creative couples who desire a wedding that actually looks and feels like them - and not just what Pinterest says it should look like.


Here's what I promise: I'm going to get to know your style and vision for your wedding day, and then I'll take it from there. I'll come up with all the gorgeous ideas that are going to make your wedding different from everyone else's, and translate those ideas through flowers and event design. In short, I'm going to make this process really, really easy for you so you can live your life.

I am a lover of beautiful blooms, garden-inspired designs, and celebrating the natural beauty that's around us. I believe that flowers are the best way to bring life and beauty to a celebration. Helping you refine your style and design aesthetic is an important part of what I do, allowing me to create unique pieces that will be the perfect compliment to your wedding.

Stone House Creative is turning 5 this year! I’ve been in working in weddings for almost 10 years, in various roles ranging from editing a local wedding publication to writing and sales for a major American wedding blog, and now specializing in wedding flowers for the past 7 years. 

My favourite weddings are those where the couple really trusts me to do my thing, taking their initial ideas and style and developing it into a unique design that will be unlike what their friends have had. I really enjoy working in unique venues (especially restaurants),

but it’s my goal to highlight the features of any space in order to really complete your event - and I love doing that!

Some of my favourite events have incorporated just one stand-out floral element - a hanging floral chandelier,

freestanding floral pillars, or a large arrangement at the welcome table - and others have featured flowers everywhere.

What gets me really excited is when couples catch onto my excitement and give me free reign

to interpret their vision into something really amazing.