Tiara Nicole Photography



Tiara Loewen - Owner and Photographer

Tiara’s journey into photography started in 2006, when she changed schools in order to attend the photography program at Tec Voc. There, she got a solid understanding on composing images, camera settings, and understanding lighting in and outside a studio.


The summer after Tiara graduated, she assisted one of Winnipeg’s top wedding photographers. Originally she had no real interest in wedding photography but after that one glamorous, busy, exciting day, everything changed, she was hooked.


Tiara spent the next years learning and getting more and more immersed in the wedding industry. Working with everyone she could and learning as much as possible. Now, more then ten years since those first days in school, she’s come a long way. Much has changed and she’s learned a lot, not only about photography but

about love and life in general.


Tiara found a personal style of photography that resonates with her and hopefully with her clients. One thing that has stayed the same though, she’s hooked on weddings.