We believe in building relationships with our guests from the minute you get in touch with us. You can call us 7 days a week at the salon, shoot us a DM on Instagram, walk in the front door or send a letter with a carrier pigeon. We’re always here and happy to answer your questions in order to set you up with the stylist that will best suit your needs. 


Don’t know what you want but just need a change? Have a picture you found on the gram that you’ve been obsessing over? Do you have super curly hair and need a stylist who specializes in cutting and styling curls? We’re here for you. We offer one on one consultations with you and a stylist via text message or Facetime where they’ll go over every detail with you to make sure you’re comfortable and that the service will work for your budget and your lifestyle.

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Here at Prep we make a genuine effort to be as environmentally friendly as we possibly can and we are proud to be a Green Circle Certified Sustainable Salon.

Green Circle Salons is a Canadian program that started over 10 years ago to help salons reduce their waste. They are the world’s first sustainable salon solution to recover and repurpose beauty waste, ensuring that we can help keep people and the planet beautiful. 


The program allows salons to repurpose and recover up to 95% of resources that were once thrown in landfills or not disposed of properly. Materials such as hair, leftover colour, foils, colour tubes, aerosol cans, paper and plastics are all redirected to Green Circle Salons' facility for the materials to be repurposed or disposed of properly

We are proud to be part of such a big initiative that can actually make a difference, and we appreciate the support of our guests for working with us to invest in a cleaner planet and a brighter future. 

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Prep started with a dream between two sisters, on McMillan Ave in Winnipeg circa 2011. 


Chelsea had just returned home from galavanting through Italy, living on the Amalfi Coast, eating fresh truffles and camping out on Pescara Beach on an air mattress. Allie had just completed her degree in Creative Communications and had rewarded herself by also traveling through Europe, enjoying chai tea in Istanbul, dancing to Klangkarussell in Berlin and looking for Chelsea’s passport in the south of France. 


The time had come that they needed to settle down and get jobs in good ol’ Winnipeg. Unfortunately, no job interested either of these overly opinionated sisters. They had ideas and a vision and didn’t believe in the 9-5 / 40 hour work week. So instead, they started their own company and ended up working a 70 hour work week for the rest of their lives (but on their own terms of course).


It started as a mobile blow dry bar, then they got their own space and recruited 6 hairstylists to rent chairs in the 500 square foot Corydon storefront. The following year they doubled in staff and square footage and the same thing occurred every subsequent year. Business was booming.

In 2016 they headed south to what would become their second home in Tulum, Mexico. Prep Tulum was born out of a love for the ocean and humidity. The full service salon lives under a palapa on the beach and really is a literal dream come true.

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