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Stylist Spotlight: Lesley Regehr

In this insightful interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Lesley Regehr, a talented hairstylist with nearly 18 years of experience in the industry. With a natural affinity for hairstyling that developed during her upbringing, Lesley's passion for creating beautiful hair has led her to pursue a successful career in the salon. From understanding her clients' hair type and needs to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, Lesley shares valuable insights on how she approaches her craft and provides exceptional service to her clients. Join us as we delve into Lesley's journey, expertise, and unique perspectives as a hairstylist.

We asked Lesley

How did you become interested in pursuing a career as a hairstylist?

I grew up with three sisters, and I was definitely more of the hands-on hairstylist in the house. A lot of time at the cabin was spent French braiding my sisters' hair and doing hair wraps with thread. I always had a naturally strong interest. I would always prioritize my own hair appointments and felt such a connection in salons anytime I went in, spending any allowance or McDonald’s paychecks I had. By grade 11 the decision had been made.

How do you assess a client's hair type and condition before recommending specific treatments or services?

Understanding the lifestyle of each individual client is ideal. Do they enjoy and want to blow out their hair before work? Do they want or have time to come in every 8 weeks or is every 6 months more doable? Are they into hair care and have time every week to do a treatment? Having a really comfortable open-ended conversation about budget is a key factor to make sure they leave happy and comfortable.

What are your top recommendations for maintaining healthy hair at home between salon visits?

It is so important to understand someone’s daily and weekly routine with her hair. Asking things like how often do you not only shampoo but actually style your hair? Finding out what products they already have at home to make sure they're using whats best for their hair, or making sure they have been educated on how to use their products properly, no matter what they have. I’ll always recommend a product to prep the hair - I love the Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil, a product for styling - Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Lotion and a finishing product - lately I’ve been really enjoying the Amika Un.Done Volume and Texture Spray. For weekly upkeep, I recommend the Schwarzkopf Blondme mask.

What makes you unique as a hairstylist and sets you apart from others in the industry?

I’m not sure there is something that makes me specifically unique verses the other amazing stylists that I work alongside, but I do know that I’m not afraid to say “no”. If it’s not going to benefit your hair or make sense for your desired look, I just won't do it. Almost 18 years of experience has set me apart, there’s a lot of different situations and experiences under that belt. I know when to say no.

How do you stay knowledgeable about new hair care techniques, products, and trends, and how do you incorporate them into your services and recommendations for clients?

I love and always have loved, watching and listening in on my co-workers appointments. It has been a fool proof way to stay current and knowledgeable. Also, TikTok.. duh! Whenever I learn about a new product, style, or technique I always try to incorporate that into my next few appointments so I practice while my brain is still inspired.

Lesley has been with Prep since 2014. She specializes in I-Tips and hand-tied weft extension methods, and she's working towards mastering keratin bonds. Lesley's passion for hair styling, her personalized approach to client consultations, and her commitment to staying informed about industry trends all contribute to her effectiveness as a hairstylist. Clients can trust her expertise and rely on her recommendations to achieve and maintain healthy, stylish hair.

If you're in Winnipeg, we highly recommend booking with Lesley!

She specializes in:

- ​I-Tip extension method, patented by the Hair Shop

- Hand tied rows, the Matissasue Method

- the Keratin straightening method

Instagram: @lesleyregehr


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