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Double Shampoo: Wash twice so you can wash less!

If you’re trying to wash your hair LESS, you need to be doing double duty on cleaning that scalp. Similar to double cleansing your face, the double shampoo method involves a first wash to remove any products or buildup, and a second wash to get a deeper cleanse. Keep reading to learn how adding a second wash to your routine can actually help you wash your hair less.

All hair types can benefit from a double shampoo routine, but we recommend this method for people who have oily hair or scalp conditions, people who use styling products like dry shampoo, people who swim on a regular basis, and people who do not wash their hair daily.

Frequent shampooing and excessive cleansing can remove the natural oils from your scalp, leading to dry hair, which can make styling difficult and cause breakage and scalp irritation. Therefore, regardless of your reasons for double shampooing, we advise limiting it to once a week or every few washes as needed.

Double shampooing has several benefits, such as deep cleansing the scalp and hair, which can allow you to extend the time between washes. Incorporating double shampooing into your routine can reduce the need for frequent washing, although the duration between washes will vary depending on your hair type and preferred styling methods. Some of the other benefits of double shampooing include:

  • Removing excess products - Dry shampoo, mousse, and hairspray can accumulate on your hair strands and scalp with repeated use. The first shampoo loosens and breaks down this product buildup, while the second shampoo effectively cleanses and rinses it away.

  • Cleansing away chlorine or salt water from swimming, or mineral buildup from hard water - A clarifying shampoo like Maxi Wash form Kevin Murphy will strip away any buildup in the first wash, followed by a second with something like Hydrate Me Wash, also from Kevin Murphy to add moisture back into the hair.

  • Preparing hair for conditioning masks and treatments - Clean hair and a clean scalp will allow for better absorption of all the nourishing ingredients in your conditioner, masks, and treatments with active ingredients.

Here’s how we like to double shampoo:

💧 Soak your hair with water (not too hot, because this can dry out your scalp, hair, and skin)

🪙 Use a quarter sized amount of shampoo for the first wash and work the product into your scalp and through your hair

💆🏼‍♀️ Massage your scalp using your fingertips or a scalp massager

🚿 Rinse

🫐 Apply a blueberry sized amount of shampoo for the second wash onto your hair and scalp, massaging again

🚿 Rinse thoroughly

✨ Follow with your favourite conditioner, mask or treatment, and you’ll be blown away at the difference compared to your regular routine! Not sure what products to use? Don't hesitate to ask your stylist at your next appointment. They can give you some recommendations tailored to your hair type and lifestyle.

Save this for your next everything shower 🛁


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