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  • Which areas do you service?
    Our team is available to travel anywhere. A mileage fee will apply and for venues located more than 3 hours away from our salon in Winnipeg. We may request accommodation and a per diem for the stylists traveling. That way we can ensure the schedule won’t be interrupted by any unforeseen road conditions. For destination weddings outside of North America please fill out our Destination Wedding Inquiry form located HERE. We have an extensive team working across Mexico that services all of our destination weddings in South America.
  • How far in advance should I book my services?
    Booking 8 to 12 months in advance is recommended, particularly for the high season which runs from May to October.
  • What is the booking process like?
    To book your wedding services with us please begin by filling out the Wedding Inquiry form on our website located HERE. A Wedding Coordinator from our team will contact you within 24 hours to gather additional details. Once availability is confirmed and your details are received, we will prepare a reservation form outlining pricing and services. You'll then receive a contract and credit card authorization form to sign. The deposit and remaining balance is to be paid via e transfer. You can also request to pay the full balance up front.
  • How do trials work?
    We strongly encourage trials to everyone and recommend booking them about 3 months before the wedding. Trial fees are due in the salon at the time of the trial much like a regular in salon service. They are separate from the contract. Gratuity is at your own discretion.
  • What are inspo photos?
    We require hair and makeup inspiration photos sent via email prior to finalizing your booking. As well as a recent photo of yourself, clearly displaying your face, hair color, and length. Failure to submit these images before completing the reservation may impact our ability to achieve your desired style. If you have an Instagram account, we encourage you to share your profile. This helps us in preparing for your services and choosing the best stylist for you.
  • What services do you offer?
    We offer hair and makeup services both in salon and on location. Our makeup team is highly experienced in working with all skin types, colors and ages. We offer both individual or strip lashes at no additional cost as part of our makeup services. We use high-quality professional products for all of our services. If you don’t have a stylist and would like to talk to someone from our team about changing up your colour, cut or discussing extensions, we would be happy to recommend a stylist that would suit your needs best. We strongly advise incorporating hair extensions into your look for the wedding day not just for added length or volume, but also for maintaining the longevity of the style. We offer both temporary and permanent extension options. Your stylist can go over all the options with you at your trial appointment.
  • What are the minimum services required to book?
    For the majority of locations and dates, our minimum requirement is 4 services, however there are situations where we can be flexible. Each wedding requires a specific number of services per stylist. Typically, each stylist can handle 6 services. When incorporating additional stylists, our goal is for each to manage a minimum of 5 services.
  • Who will be my stylist for the wedding day?
    After reviewing your photos and inspirations, we'll match you with a stylist. You may request a certain stylist pending their availability. Stylists are assigned to your wedding 6+ months prior to the wedding date.
  • Will there be a schedule?
    A schedule will be arranged for you and your guests by your Wedding Coordinator and sent to you prior to the wedding date. As soon as you confirm services for your guests, we will create a schedule with their names and appointment time. It is crucial that all guests adhere to the schedule. In the event that a guest is late for their scheduled start time, we cannot guarantee that the stylist will be able to fulfill their service.
  • How should I prepare my hair for the day of the wedding?
    On the wedding day, guests must arrive with clean, completely dry hair. In the event that their hair is wet, they will be required to dry it before the stylist begins their service and before their start time.
  • How long does each service take?
    Each stylist dedicates 45 minutes per service for bridesmaids and guests, while each service for the bride receives a dedicated 1 hour. For intricate styles like glam waves or styling with extensions, extra time will be added.
  • What can I do to help set up?
    Sufficient tables, chairs and electrical outlets must be available for the stylists to use for their tools and products. If not provided, it is the responsibility of the bride or wedding planner to ensure this is arranged before the services begin.
  • Do I need to provide meals for my stylists?
    If our stylists are scheduled to work more than 4 hours, we will request that food and water be provided. Otherwise they will come prepared.
  • Where will we get ready?
    All services will take place in one room at your preferred getting ready location.
  • Hair Extensions
    We recommend extensions for almost every look and style, not only to add length or volume but also to enhance the longevity of the style, particularly in warm climates. I-tips, k-tips or temporary Clip-ins are ideal. If you want a downstyle, the curls and the overall shape will last longer. If you want an updo, the volume and style will end up looking more full and polished. Extensions also help minimize the natural frizz that will come from your natural hair too. Which is due to the two Our first recommendation is always permanent hair extensions because they look so
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    Yes, a contract and credit card authorization form must be filled out to reserve your wedding date.
  • Do you charge tax?
    Yes, GST (5%) is applied to the subtotal.
  • How much is the deposit?
    The deposit amounts to 50% of the total balance and must be paid via e transfer.
  • Can I pay the final balance by credit card?
    The remaining balance must be paid via e transfer and is due three months in advance of the wedding day. We prefer to collect early payment to create a seamless, stress free wedding day for the bride. If you prefer to pay the full amount up front, that is an option too. Please request this from your wedding coordinator before you sign the contract and she'll make the necessary changes to reflect your request.
  • Do you charge extra for early start times?
    An additional fee will apply for start times earlier than 7AM.
  • Do you charge travel fees?
    Yes, we charge travels fees and they vary depending on the location. They are determined by the distance from the salon located at 173 Lilac St, to the destination and back to the salon.
  • Are there extra fees for long weekend weddings?
    An additional fee will apply to weddings held on long weekends.
  • Is the tip included?
    Yes there will be an 18% automatic gratuity added to subtotal of services.
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