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New at Prep: Color Wow Money Mist Leave-In Conditioner

Color Wow and celebrity stylist Chris Appleton recently launched the styling companion to their award winning Money Masque. Meet Money Mist - a fast absorbing leave-in conditioner that will instantly transform your hair to look and feel stronger, silkier, and more luxurious.

This revolutionary hair care solution is designed to adapt to the unique needs of every hair type. Thanks to its diverse molecular structure and carefully selected ingredients, Money Mist is able to provide tailored nourishment.

• Fine strands are plumped, with added body

• Coarse strands are softer, smoother

• Frizzy strands are silkier and smoother

• Dry strands are hydrated and less brittle

• Damaged strands are fortified, more elastic

Each strand is pampered with the a balance of peptides and hydration. This precision care strengthens, moisturizes, and smooths hair texture for a silky, luxe look. If you need further convincing, watch below to see how Chris Appleton applies Money Mist before blow drying to achieve that extra sleek finish.


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