Hair Extensions: everything you need to know

At Prep we have more than 20 stylists on our team and nearly all of them are professionally trained and certified in various extension installation methods. Knowing which method is best for your hair can be a bit daunting, so we're here to help! Read on for a breakdown of the most popular methods we offer here at Prep Hair, get to know the costs involved at each appointment, and how to book.



Suitable for any hair type, but ideal for clients who are looking to add seamless volume and length. Installation is quick and easy and the tape-in rows lay super flat against the head. The install can last up to 8 weeks if maintained properly, and the hair can be reused up to three times if well taken care of.

Pro tip: If you’re going to use any oil based products be sure to only apply to the mid length to ends of the hair. Oil based products will compromise the adhesive that holds the tape-ins in place so keep that oil away from your scalp!

Tape-In extension install by @hairbyjanessa


Suitable for medium to thick hair, but ideal for clients who want to add length. No glue or heat is required for this method. The weft is sewn into a row of beads that are attached to the hair. This method requires regular maintenance appointments which are something to keep in mind when you are considering the cost of extensions.

Pro tip: If taken care of, weft hair can be reused for up to two years. Careful brushing in the morning and night, braiding the hair when you sleep and regular weekly at home moisture treatments will ensure your hair lasts!

Weft install by @hairbyjanessa


If you have fine or thinning hair only use this method to add volume, not to add length. If you have medium to thick hair this method is perfect to add both volume and length. I-Tip extensions do not require glue or heat. Micro beads attach the extension to individual hair strands. This method is virtually invisible and easily customizable. You'll be able to pull your hair back into a high pony and see no signs of extensions. This method requires maintenance appointments every 8-10 weeks.

Pro tip: Achieve the look of highlights with some strategically placed extensions in multi-toned shades.

I-Tip extension install by @lesleyregehr

Keratin Tips

Suitable for any hair type, but ideal for clients with fine or thinning hair. These extensions contain a keratin bond that is heated and melts to attach to your hair. Installing individual bonds allows for natural movement and appearance. Keratin extensions are durable and can last up to six months if cared for properly. This method does not require maintenance appointments.

Pro tip: Pop a couple strands in if you have an area with low density or uneven length. Adding some as face framers will create the illusion of a thicker hairline.