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How to get Lightweight Volume and Length: Introducing V-Light Hair Extensions

We're so excited to be offering the viral V-Light Hair Extension Method at Prep Hair! This brand new extension technique is beyond amazing for clients with super fine or thinning hair OR for those that are experiencing breakage and want to add lightweight, natural looking volume and length. Check out the video below to see how it works, and keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary method.

How it works

The installation process is simple and quick. But don't let that fool you - this method offers the most precise placement.

Step 1: Small sections of extension hair are positioned on top of natural hair.

Step 2: A safe and effective adhesive is then applied to the connection point, and a comb tool is used to evenly distribute the adhesive

Step 3: Next, a UV light applies heat for about 5 seconds, curing the adhesive and bonding the extensions to the natural hair.

Step 4: Once the adhesive is cured the small section with separate into individual strands with a totally invisible attachment.

How cool?!

Why we love it

Lightweight and Invisible: The strand to strand application method means that extensions can be installed on areas of the head where other methods typically can't, such as the hairline and root at the top of the head. Without the use of traditional bonds like tape tabs or beaded wefts, this method is the most lightweight and damage-free option on the market.

Versatile and Customizable: The V-Light method is essentially undetectable, making it super versatile in terms of placement and perfect for pairing with of extension methods. This allows us to offer a more customizable extension install than ever before!

Effortless Styling: Wear your hair how ever you like! The invisible bond allows you the flexibilty to style your hair in ways that other extensions methods can sometimes limit.

Colour without Commitment: Add colour or highlights to your style without the commitment and cost of a bleach application. The seamless bond can allow you to try out a new look, but keep it temporary.

Interested in trying the V-Light? Books a consultation today and find out if this method is right for you!

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