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How to ✨PREP✨ for Flawless Wedding Day Makeup

Preparing your skin for your wedding day is a crucial step towards achieving your desired bridal makeup look. A sustainable skincare routine should ideally start several months before the big day, and we recommended you seek guidance of a dermatologist or licensed aesthetician if you have specific skin concerns you want to address.

Healthy and well-maintained skin provides a smooth canvas for makeup application, ensuring that your makeup looks flawless and lasts throughout the day. By investing time and effort in skincare, you can address issues such as dryness, uneven skin tone, acne, or sensitivity, which can impact how your makeup appears. Continue reading for a simple and easy to follow One Week Out timeline.

Benefits of Prioritizing Skin Maintenance:

  • Improved skin texture and tone

  • Enhanced hydration levels

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Minimized pores for a smoother finish

  • Healthier and more radiant-looking skin

While it's essential to establish a skincare routine well in advance, it's equally important not to introduce any drastic changes too close to your wedding day. Sudden alterations can sometimes lead to skin reactions or breakouts, which can be challenging to manage at the last minute. Consistency is key when it comes to skincare, so sticking to a routine that works for your skin type is essential. This will help ensure that your skin is in optimal condition for your makeup artist to create a stunning bridal look that enhances your natural beauty.

One Week Out Timeline

6-7 Days Out: Get a gentle facial and cut the strong stuff

If you have been getting facials over the last few months and have an aesthetician you trust, you could book yourself in for a gentle facial to promote glow and hydration a week before your wedding. If you're using products like retinoids, chemical peels and/or various vitamins, you'll want to stop using these the week of your wedding as they can cause excessive dryness and pealing.

4-5 Days Out: Mask up!

Hydrating face masks are going to be your BFF. Remember, it’s important you use a mask you have used before to ensure your skin doesn’t have any adverse reaction to it. Now is not the time to experiment with something new.

A clay mask is also a great product to use, particularly for oily skin. However, don’t use a clay mask any closer to the wedding day, as they can encourage everything to come to the surface of the skin.

2-3 Days Out: Keep calm and exfoliate

Give your skin an gentle physical exfoliation, again with a product your skin is familiar with. And don’t skip the lips! A lip scrub and balm will work just fine.

1 Day Out: Say hello to your jade roller

Mask up again with something hydrating and illuminating. Follow up with your jade roller. Not only is it calming and relaxing, it helps to give your skin a brighter look and helps with puffiness.

If there’s one thing you MUST do in the months and days leading up to your wedding — it’s stay consistent. Maintain a routine that you know will keep your skin happy, and don't stress! If you're looking for some guidance we suggest visiting a dermatologist or licensed aesthitician for product and treatment recommendations. If you're in Winnipeg visit our friends at The A'esthetic Skin Studio.

Your MUA will appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, and it’ll pay off! You can expect bridal makeup that looks good and lasts all day.

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