Our top tips for your best summer hair ☀️

Whether you’re going to the beach, or heading out for your daily hot girl walk, make sure you’re taking care of both your scalp and your hair. Read below for our top tips on how to protect your head from chlorine, salt water, and excessive sun exposure, and keep that balayage fresh all summer long!

Sun protection - If you aren't always down to sport a hat make sure to apply sunscreen to your part and hairline to avoid getting a sunburn. UV rays can also cause hair to lose moisture and strength, and if your hair is coloured you need to be extra careful as the sun can actually cause your colour to fade. Applying an oil or leave-in treatment that contains UVA/UVB filters will help protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun.

Hot tip: When applying sunscreen to your part line, or your neck and back, keep in mind that the sunscreen has the potential to alter the tone of your hair extensions.

We suggest:

Pre-soak - One of the best things you can do for your hair, especially if it's colour treated or you have extensions, is free and couldn't be easier! Before you go swimming simply hop in the shower and soak your hair until it's completely saturated. Because your hair can only hold so much water, soaking it with clean water before swimming in a pool or the ocean will prevent it from absorbing too much damaging chlorine or salt.

Heatless styles - Summer is a great time to give your hair a break from heat styling. Embrace your natural texture and air dry that hair! Twist, scrunch, or braid some product in for a little extra oomph. We love spraying in Kevin Murphy's Untangled for a soft, natural air dry. Kevin Murphy's Hair Resort Spray is amazing to spray in before you braid, or spray in to 80% air dried hair for a salty, beachy vibe. Continue