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New at Prep: AMIKA! ✨

amika products in winnipeg

We are excited to announce that we now carry the full line of Amika! A hair care line based out of New York that offers products for every hair concern - no matter ethnicity, age or gender. It's truly hair care for everyone!

The entire line is free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and petrolatum, and everything is vegan and cruelty free.

Amika offers 10 distinct collections, each targeting a specific hair concern such as volume, texture, moisture or colour protection.

  1. Signature: Packed with a cocktail of vitamins + antioxidants, this collection is great for moisture and shine. Works on all hair types.

  2. Repair: Formulated with bond cure technology, targets all types of damage from chemical, to mechanical, to natural breakage and environmental stress. Suitable for dry, damaged hair.

  3. Color: For vibrancy and shine. Made with UV filters and antioxidants to keep color on lock. Works well for all hair types but is ideal for color treated hair.

  4. Blonde: All blondes are welcome! Natural, silver or grey, highlighted hair, and textured blondes. This line repairs damaged strands, boost hydration, and tones brassy hues to bring out the best and brightest shades of blonde, silver and grey.

  5. Curl: For defining curls and coils. The lightweight, luxe formulas provide bouncy, beautiful curls that last. Good for anyone with natural curls, coils or waves.

  6. Smooth: Achieve the smooth hair of your dreams that's frizz-free with time released humidity protection. Works on all hair types but is made specially for those looking to smooth and protect their hair against humidity.

  7. Detox: Press reset on product build up. Formulated to detox your hair and rebalance your scalp. Works on all hair types.

  8. Volume: Amplify your style for long lasting lift and body. Formulated to provide instant fullness and lift. Ideal for fine, limp or flat hair.

  9. Texture: For hair that has never looked more effortlessly good - sexy in a bottle! Good for all hair types looking for a little extra tousle and texture.

  10. Hold: Crunch-free formulas made to prolong your style. Works on all hair types.


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